Female Feet And Soles With White Pedicure

One friend told me once that the most beautiful thing in the world if female feet and soles with the white pedicure.
In the summer, I like to paint my toenails this color because it is very bright and stands out against my tanned skin. It’s very important that the nail polish is fresh and doesn’t peel off. I love catching men’s eyes in the street and realizing that they are looking at my feet and legs. I purposely wear heels to attract these men’s gazes. I know that many young guys like the color red on female toes, so I like that color too. Well, now let’s talk about what I will be doing in this video clip. First, I’ll be sitting with my leg crossed on the edge of the white couch. I will be doing dangling and crossing my legs many times. I’ll give you plenty of time to look at them for as long as you need. After that, I will walk around the couch; the camera will take a close-up of my lovely feet. After that, I’ll take off my red shoes and put on my black ones. I will do the same thing I did before, showing all the beauty and elegance of my feet, soles, and toe with an amazing white pedicure! Don’t forget to write me an email if you wish to order a custom-made video with great quality! I shoot on a very good camera, so all the details will be visible for your pleasure. The shoes from this clip are available for the custom-made video, they are perfect for dangling and walking outside. So feel free to order one! Please note that I do not change my nail polish by request.