Pedal Pumping In High Heels. Pretty White Toes And High Arches

Summer is the best time to get yourself moving and finish some sewing projects. I know that
sounds boring, but I know how to spice up everything. I see all these men at work and desire to
see more of their biceps, and I know they want to see my feet. So, I give them what they want
because I like to know they had a good time because of my sexy legs. When I get bored of
sewing, I like to show guys what they want to see, and my friends have told me that they want
to see pedal pumping in high heels.

I painted my toes while right before shooting this video. I have made this video so you can see
my sexy feet at work. I will sit on my barstool and slowly place my white pedicured feet in black
heels over a black sewing pedal in this video. Since I shot this video in front of a window, you
will see the bright sunlight on my smooth legs. When I pump the pedal, you will see the
pressure on my feet, making my veins stand out. As the camera zooms on my beautifully
pedicured feet, you will see every detail of my pressing soles and sexy toes. As I sit on my stool,
I cross my feet over the pedal as they dangle over the ground. I will pump the pedal several
times with both feet. I’ll give you plenty of time to admire my graceful and sensuous feet at
If you like what you see and want my feet to be put to more use, you can send the request to
my email. I will send you a video of my feet doing whatever you ask me to. And of course, I will
show you more details if you ask me to.