Sexy Feet On The Street, Dangling And Walking

I know that there is something special about watching the girl with pretty feet changing her high-heeled shoes right on the street. This is a bit weird, yes! Those who don’t have a foot fetish will never understand why this usual action might seem so sexy and seductive for some. I will open you a secret. If the guy has a foot fetish, then seeing naked feet (especially in high heels) for his is the same as seeing naked female breast or even pussy on the street. The level of excitement is the same! So this is why I filmed this clip. In this video, i will show my sexy feet on the street. I will sit on the stone, change my high-heeled shoes and walk around a bit as well.

After that, I will stand up and spin around, making sexy sounds with my heels. My toes in this video are light-painted, my soles and soft and smooth. I wear a pretty and really short summer skirt, I feel very sexy and cool while doing that kind of video in public! Don’t forget that you can always order your own sexy foot fetish video. Just contact me via email! Also, remember that you can find more on my website! (The link is in the corner of the video)