Beautiful Feet Show In Red Sandals, White Nail Polish, Dangling And Walking

Beautiful feet are a necessary part of any model. If the woman wants to look pretty then she has to take care of her feet all the time. She has to do her nails, do the full pedicure (soles polishing), and many other things. Otherwise, feet might look bad. I know how to take care of my feet and this is why you like my videos! I appreciate that a lot! In this full HD 1080 video clip, I will be wearing a pretty pair of high-heeled sandals. Their color is red. I will walk around, dangle and show my beautiful feet, toes, and soles from many different angles. The camera girl will try to film my feet from the closes possible distance to let you see all the details! I know that you want to see everything! My legs have a really nice tan in this video because it was made last summer, so I still had my tanned skin from the beach. In this video I have pretty white nail polish on my toes, I believe this is a very good choice for a hot summer! The size of my feet is 5 US (36 EU). So it is really small, I hope you will like this clip! Don’t forget that you always can order a custom-made foot fetish video, here is my contact – . We will discuss the prices and terms with you via email.