Sexy Giantess Foot Fetish Video, She Shows Her Big Soles

This high-quality scene is very special. It is meant for those who are looking for a sexy giantess foot fetish video where she takes off her white sexy smelly socks, shows her soles and amazing white colored toes. This video was made a few weeks ago, I just came back from the long jogging session in the nearby park. I came back home, went to bed while still wearing my sneakers. Then I laid down on the bed, and we started to film. You will see all the details of my pretty soles and toes because the camera films from a very close distance. From an extremely close distance!

You will feel yourself as if you were shrunk to the small size and forced to watch and touch your mistress’s soles. I know that this is the dream of many men, and there is a whole foot fetish giantess community. To be honest with you, this is something really unusual for me, and I am not sure that I am delivering exactly what you want. But I am ready to learn to make the best giatess foot fetish videos on the market! You can always contact me and order some custom made clips too. I will make it according to your scenario, so It will be made for you only. Other people will not be able to watch it. I even can say something in the beginning to make it more personal.

I forgot to add that in this video, you will see me wearing a pair of white socks. I will slowly remove them, exposing my soles, then I will show you my toes that are painted with the pretty white nail polish.